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02/12/09 10:33 PM #17    

Heidi Parks (Wootres)

Mark & Everyone,

I was just reading through the forum, I don't know what the idea's are about where the 20 year reunion is going to be held, but we probably need to scratch the idea of Ft. Knox. The 10 year was pre 9/11 now the security of getting on a military installation is going to be too cumbersome for those that do not have a military ID. Just some thoughts if anyone was thinking along those lines, from a military member.

02/28/09 07:07 AM #18    

Jonathan Scoville

Mark, thanks for the site and keeping us posted. Moving soon to Georgia, I hope I can make it to our 20th. If you know anyone in the market to buy a house in Frankfort let me know. Mine is for sale; 5 Bedroom 3 bathrooms. Thanks!

03/12/09 05:23 PM #19    

Revonda Brooks (Anderson)

Mark this is funnnn-ny! Everybody's volunteering now, wait til you start assigning tasks, and we'll see whos steps up (smile). Good job, keep up the good work, and whos bringing the beer?

03/12/09 08:04 PM #20    

Rebecca White (McClurg)

I want something stronger than beer. lol I can't wait to see everyone. It will be great.

05/11/09 09:34 AM #21    

Dennis Crowder

A couple of us will be riding our bikes (motorcycles) to the reunion. If anyone wants to ride, get in touch with Brian DePaul or myself.

05/19/09 10:54 PM #22    

Andreas Boyd

Great web, thanks brings back alot good time. Seem like yesturday.

07/13/09 10:44 PM #23    


Shannon Holly Darnell (Fuller)

Time for the reunion is drawing near....any updates??

08/11/09 06:35 PM #24    

Vonnie Skaggs (Rodgers)

So sorry everyone.....I am slacker that has had her head buried in a school book for the last 3 years. Thanks to Kim D. I am in touch with what is going on. Honestly, I didn't even realize 20 years was coming up guess I was in denial..... Let me know what I can do to help. Looking forward to seeing everyone and catching up!

08/19/09 04:46 PM #25    

David Vanover

Does anyone know what happened to Donald Fair?

08/31/09 09:32 AM #26    

Linda Straney (Maguire)

I just wanted to say thank you Mark, Chelsie and everyone who has been planning this event! You guys are doing a great job! I know the change of venue was a hassle. We appreciate you guys! Thanks!

08/31/09 05:58 PM #27    

Lena Robinson (Bickers)

Regarding the change in the Family Day location:

I don't care where we have it. I'm just glad we're having it. It's our 20th class reunion folks. Let's just be glad that we can get together in the first place!


09/01/09 04:51 PM #28    

Linda Straney (Maguire)

I completely agree Lena!

09/02/09 08:02 PM #29    

Angela Bardell (Johnson)

To all my friends, I will not be able to attend the reunion after all. I have only one vechicle working and my husband needs it. Plus, I do not have the funds to get tickets. I really would have liked to see you all. But at least you can catch me on Facebook. I an usually on around 6 - 8am on weekdays, and around 8:30pm EST everynight. I hope everything goes well. I am sure there will be lots of pictures for you all to post. Take care.

09/04/09 08:06 PM #30    


Stacey Weaver (Lea)

hope everyone made it safely back to kentucky for our renioun. as you guys now know i didnt make it there and i am sorry. hope to see you at the next one. stacey

09/05/09 02:35 AM #31    

Joycelyn Boyd (Crawford)

Hey guys, I wish I could've made it to the reunion. So Mark, are we having one in five years? You know we are all getting old. I hope everyone has a great time and we have even more people at the next one. I will definitely not miss the next one. My fellow classmates, I hope everyone hits me up, I am dying to know how you are doing!

09/11/09 04:02 PM #32    

Tanya Wallace


Sorry I couldn't make it out for this reunion. Sounds like it was a great success! Please tell me that you'll work your magic again in 5 years. Take care, Tanya

01/03/10 08:59 AM #33    

David Vanover

Anyone know what happened to Ricky Kinnard?

05/04/10 06:52 PM #34    

Hasani Olujimi

I'm with David; what happened to Ricky?

07/21/10 01:02 PM #35    


Robert Muller

Just a quick off-topic question...does anyone know who to contact to get a legal copy of a diploma?

11/18/10 09:15 PM #36    

David Gunning

David Gunning and Chris Anderson will put a "BEATDOWN" on any 2man golf team from the class of "89". If you think you got a shot just reply by e-mail. Go Cats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

01/28/13 08:34 AM #37    


Kevin Crossley

Thx for creating this site. Looks really great and easy to use. 

I wasn't really popular, but do remember most of you. When I read the profiles I am glad to see that a lot of you had become sucessful. 

I often reminisce about the days of North Hardin and often wish I could go back and do it all over. One of the things I would change would be knowing my classmates a lot better. 






06/04/13 02:47 PM #38    

Jeffrey Baxter

I am an official member and back in touch!!!!!!!!!



08/24/18 12:29 PM #39    

Kenneth Gaudioso

No one has posted since 2013!  I just looked through all the profiles and wow are you people old! lol  JK.  When we graduated, LOL and JK were not even a thing LMAO Anyway HI! If any of you are ever in Maryland, look me up or send me a message, even if I don't remember you, its cool we can still have a beer and cruise the Chesapeake. 

08/26/18 01:00 AM #40    


Shannon Holly Darnell (Fuller)

OMG Almost time for our 30th reunion?! I can’t be that old.. Are we going to have a 30 year? Happy to help plan.



09/29/18 11:40 PM #41    

Hasani Olujimi

Hello everyone! Just want to touch bases.  Miss, you all and hope to see you soon.  Next year? LOL 9/29/2018

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